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Conquest Center Unlimited was established in the year of 1970. Since that time, more than 20,000 individuals have come through our doors seeking help to overcome many kinds of addiction problems. Conquest realizes that if it had not been for GOD on our side, none of this would have been possible. It should be noted that Conquest Center Unlilimted currently receives no moneys from city, county, state, or federal government and has not for well over a decade now, due to their many stringent regulations and excessive red tape that conflict with our treatment philosophy, ie., treatment available on demand versus lengthy waiting lists. As a result, we have chosen to turn to the community-at-large to help us keep our doors open. Moving forward our goal is to expand the program by instituting a sober living house and obtaing a new van we badly need. we hope to get our community more involved in what we are doing in 2019.



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