Our Mission Statement 
The mission of the Conquest Center is to help renew, restore and regain self-worth , 
self-esteem and wholeness back to the individual who maybe without hope.


  WHO WE Are
We provide essential clean and sober housing support to men & women recovering from substance abuse or mental illness so that they can rejoin society as productive  adults and reunite with families and children.

Welcome To The Conquest Center

Conquest Center has an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.We provide a dorm like setting completely furnished with cable TV, internet access, and plenty of parking. The center is located along metro bus line. We are close to recreational areas as well as multiple 12-step meetings.

We Are Self Sufficient

Our funds rely on the participation of the clients we serve by  their rent contribution. This is just one aspect of the program. All are welcomed.

Conquest Center is a non-profit organization who is a spiritual based organization seeking to bring hope to those who are maybe hopeless. To also provide a peaceful setting where men and women can grow while feeling loved, relaxed, and free to accomplish goals and dreams that can offer hope and a future.